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The Woods

Tahquamenon River Canoe & Kayak Rental

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      In response to Michigan House resolution 200, The Woods Tahquamenon River Canoe & Kayak Rental would like to thank our house representatives (Kowall, Moss, Walsh, Rogers, Marleau, Haines, Meekhof, Opsommer, Polidori, Mayes, Lahti, McDowell, Bolger, Booher, Terry Brown, Caul, Constan, Crawford, Dean, Durhal, Hansen, Horn, Rick Jones, Robert Jones, Kurtz, Leland, Lori, Lund, Neumann, Proos, Schuitmaker, Scripps, Sheltrown, and Tyler), and would like to show our support to help young people gain a better knowledge of Michigan's great outdoors. We are located between Newberry and Paradise Michigan, in what is referred to as "Tahquamenon Country" - one of Michigan's most wild and scenic areas. Also nearby is Tahquamenon Falls, one of Michigan's most magnificent sights. Our area is gifted with some of the most abundant naturally occurring outdoor recreation in the state. Luce County also has more state land and campgrounds than any other county in the state. Because of this it is the perfect place for families to truly understand and enjoy the great outdoors. Please read House Resolution 200 to get a better perspective on the importance of children experiencing nature through outdoor activities with the family. You can also read this essay called "The Challenge" from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.




      Here's a coupon to help get you started on your outdoor adventure. Mention this coupon when you visit us to recieve your discount. 
      (See  Main Page  for an explanation of U-take rentals).