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The Woods

Tahquamenon River Canoe & Kayak Rental

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 Photo Gallery

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      Off the beaten path, and outside of the blinders that have so mercilessly been put on those that have the misfortune of not experiencing the freedom of living outside of the boxes and straight lines of life's artificial, mirrored existence. Hidden deep within the vast wilderness of Michigan's wild Upper Peninsula you will find a very different kind of place, known by many as "Tahquamenon Country". The few souls that make their home here, do so probably not from any conscious decision of their own making, but rather it is likely a deeper, more spiritual calling that enticed their inner being to be a part of something more mysterious, and alluring; in a place where the laws of nature apply even above the laws that are governed by man. To be a part of something that the passerby can only imagine or dream of, while relying on mere thought processes, for something that can only be understood through a deeper, more subconscious process.


      Thanks to everyone for taking the time to send us your great Tahquamenon River photos!

 Photos sent by Amy Smith

"Short" 2 Day Trip

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Photos sent by Gene & Irene Schroll

Trip "A"

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Photos sent by: Emily Delabrue

"Short Trip"

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 Photos sent by Meredith Timson

at Lower Falls Campground

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